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We are a leading global impact investment manager.

Our vision is to unlock the power of mainstream investment markets to fund assets that create positive social and environmental impact. We design, structure and make investments into assets that improve lives.
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Investment amount
$500,000 $5,000,000
Your investment will:
1,026 Plant the equivalent of 1,026 trees
1 Finance 1 affordable homes
3 Improve 3 seniors housing units
57 Provide mentoring to 57 young people without work
1 Build 1 purpose-built disability accommodation homes

2021 Impact Report

We are pleased to provide the annual Impact Report for Conscious Investment Management. The report shares details of our investment activities and portfolio impact performance for the 2020/21 year.

In addition to sharing highlights from the portfolio, our inaugural report also sets out the framework for impact evaluation. The report contains case studies on the impact investment themes – outlining the challenge and the outcome of each investment alongside its impact measurement score. These impact investment themes are those that we believe can address some of the largest global challenges relating to environment and climate, health and education, and social infrastructure.

“By sharing our learnings and experiences to date through this report we hope to further the conversation about impact investing in Australia, and encourage greater transparency and reporting amongst the sector. Our portfolio aims to deliver positive social or environmental benefit, and this report represents the first phase in measuring and reporting on our impact journey.” Casey Taylor, Director

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