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We are a leading global impact investment fund manager.
Our vision is a fairer, more sustainable world, where people and the planet thrive.

We do this by investing for positive impact without compromising financial returns, delivering impact investments that are authentic, accessible, and scalable.

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2023 Impact Report

We are pleased to have released our 2023 Impact Report. The report shares details of Conscious Investment Management’s investment activities and portfolio impact performance for the 2022/23 year.

In addition to sharing highlights from the portfolio, the report sets out our framework for impact measurement and provides case studies on our investment themes – outlining the challenge and outcome of each investment alongside its impact measurement score. The report also includes interviews with our impact partners, stories about people supported at our assets, and information on the impact that Conscious Investment Management is having at a corporate level.

“We’re really proud of the scale of the impact we’ve had so far, but we know that numbers are simply outputs that only tell part of the story. This year’s Impact Report not only focuses on the outputs, but drills down to the next level to focus on outcomes – the deeper and less observable ways in which our investments are impacting people’s lives and the systems in which they operate. It’s the assessment of those outcomes, particularly for our social housing portfolio, that’s brought to bear in this year’s report.”

Casey Taylor
Director, Conscious Investment Management