Conscious Investment Management is a dedicated impact investment fund manager

We were founded in 2019 with a vision to unlock the power of mainstream investment markets to fund assets that create positive social and environmental impact.

We do this by designing, structuring and making investments into assets that address some of the largest global challenges relating to environment and climate, health and education, and social infrastructure.

Our model involves investing in social and sustainability-focused assets, and managing these alongside our Impact Partners (the majority of which are not-for-profits). In this way, we can make financial investments, while ensuring assets are operated for tangible, positive impact.

Our team is a mix of professionals with not-for-profit and finance experience, and asset management capability. We have unique operational experience in the areas we invest in, meaning we can bridge the impact and investment worlds and manage the on-the-ground impact of our investments.

Our funds have invested capital in a range of sectors – including social and affordable housing, Specialist Disability Accommodation, renewable power, and social impact bonds. To date, we have deployed $330 million with the backing of over 750 investors and 12 Impact Partners who have aligned missions and expertise.*

*As of 30 June 2023