Investment Process

We recognise that some areas of social need just aren’t amenable to profit-focused, impact investment. We identify those areas which are, work with expert impact partners to understand needs, and then structure and manage investments that create positive change.

  • Identify

    • Identify areas of social need, which are amenable to impact investing
  • Source

    • Partner with aligned and intentional impact partners to identify investment opportunitie
  • Structure and invest

    • Bring our deal assessment and structuring background to create optimal risk-adjusted return investments
  • Manage

    • Ongoing impact measurement and management – independently audited
    • Portfolio construction and ongoing risk assessment

Investment Opportunities

We have invested capital in a range of sectors – from specialist affordable affordable/disability/seniors housing, to renewables, aged care and social impact bonds. We achieve our vision by offering a range of investment opportunities to meet the impact investment objectives of our investors – and are always looking for ways to have a positive social and environmental impact.

The Impact Fund

  • Global diversified investment into private market opportunities with positive and measurable social and environmental benefits
  • Actively managed by an experienced, focused and independent manager
  • High cash return with low correlation to inflation and cyclical asset classes
  • Low fees and underlying costs

Example portfolio investment: We invested into the Sticking Together social impact bond, a bond created by the New South Wales government to help fund a four-year program that aims to reduce youth unemployment by breaking down the barriers to access the workforce, including by providing long-term unemployed young people with specialist mentoring and services.

Thematic Fund: Supported Housing

  • A range of structures and solutions which are designed to increase the availability of purpose built homes for people in need within our communities

Example investment: We manage a large portfolio within the emerging specialist disability accommodation asset class.  We work directly with specialist disability accommodation providers and with developers to build great homes in the right locations for tenants.

Thematic Fund: Renewables

  • We have provided project financing to increase the availability of cheap, renewable energy across our communities, benefiting both people and planet

Example investment: We have provided our investors with access to a portfolio of solar systems being constructed on the roofs of schools and other community assets. This provides cheaper power to our communities, while increasing the uptake of renewables in our economy.